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Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), one of India’s leading universities, offers high-quality teaching through the ODL (open distance learning)mode. The Open University offers high-quality, creative and need-based courses at various levels to all those who need them; IGNOU programs are cost-effective and delivered in the country through open and distance education. IGNOU is one of India’s largest distance education universities. Students from across the country are admitted to this university and attend classes in various cities at IGNOU Learning Centers. There is a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by IGNOU. IGNOU Exam Form December 2019 can be FILLED NOW and last  date is 15 Nov with late fees 1000 on the official website here– Dec Exam paper is going to start from Dec &  

Indira Gandhi National Open University is one of the world’s largest universities popularly called IGNOU Established in the year 1985. IGNOU has graduated over 4 million students and is the country’s leading open university for distance learning. IGNOU Centers have been set up in five areas; north, south, east, west, and north-east. In addition to Open and Distance Learning Courses, IGNOU has also launched several Online Courses. You will find information about IGNOU admissions on this site.

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Difference Between Distance And Online Learning

Ignou Distance Learning: Among distance learning and online education there is a very thin line of distinction. They aim to improve the versatility and accessibility of the education system. In addition, it is possible to categorize all online education programs as distance learning courses, but this is not the case vice versa. The only difference is the technology and means used by the system of distance and online education to recognize these objectives.

Speaking regarding IGNOU or Indira Gandhi National Open University offers multiple courses in nearly every area covered by mainstream, schools and institutes. It offers distance learning courses at all levels, i.e. from undergraduate to PhD, from engineering to public administration. Since 1985, IGNOU has worked hard and commitment to supporting the advancement of higher education through open and distance learning throughout the world. It makes a significant contribution to higher education throughout the state. IGNOU is known as the “People’s University” because of its highly flexible features. It’s a friendly approach for learners and  following the policy of flexibility in terms of:

1.Qualification Required

2. Time Required To Complete  a Program

3.Place of Study

IGNOU has made notable efforts to make every nook and cranny of the country more educational. Currently, 338 programs are given, approximately 3,500 courses are offered and more than 30 lakh students aspire to education.


The IGNOU library is a trendy national information center that illuminates the idea of distance education. Established in 1886 and aimed at maintaining the IGNOU goals, the IGNOU library is the largest collection of books, journals and related material on distance learning.

See the following list of IGNOU Schools to find out about the different subject areas covered by IGNOU:

School of Management Studies

School of Law

School of Humanities

School of Inter-Disciplinary And trans-Disciplinary Studies

School of Journalism and New Media Studies

School of agriculture

School of Performing and Visual Arts

School of Computer and Information sciences

School of Education

School of Engineering and Technology

School of Extension and Development Studies

School of Foreign Languages

School of Gender and Development Studies

School of Health Sciences

School of Sciences

School of Social Sciences

School of Social Work

School of Tourism Hospitality Service Sectoral Management

School of Translation Studies and Training

School of Vocational Education and Training

IGNOU 2020 Yoga Course (Admission Details)

Not all universities, but the most unusual of these university’s affiliates i.e. Diploma in Yanga and Naturopathy Assistant provided by RGCSM Community College. The Yoga Course is a six-month course at this school. Nevertheless, it is reported that according to recent Indian Express reports, outgoing vice-chancellor Ravindra Kumar said on Tuesday that certificates in Vedic Studies, Indian culture and yoga will be completed. Indira Gandhi National Open University has signed with Swaminarayan Sanstha a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to provide Vedic, Religious and Indian Cultural Certificates of Studies.

Download  IGNOU Youtube  Videos  from Right Channel

With a total of 50900 subscribers, the only official youtube channel for Indira Gandhi National Open University seems now to be an IGNOU Affordable Dream A Program–egyankoshIGNOU.  This issue can be more or less directly linked to the download of Youtube lectures. Thankfully, nearly all the clips are also downloadable. Civil Engineering, MBA and BCA, Politology, Indian History, Sociology, Economy, Civil Engineering, MBA and Other Subjects. You can also watch IGNOU Video Readings in Hindi while thinking about Language.

Indira Gandhi National Open University: Dec Date Sheet 2019

Sure, PDF download available now. Dates are now discovered for exams at Indira Gandhi National Open University 2020. IGNOU Term End tests are carried out twice a year.

Dec  Date sheet was published as usual in codes for Indira Gandhi National Open University. IGNOU Dec 2019 Examinations are supervised by the following authorities with the best possible emphasis for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year term examinations.

Registration / evaluation / regional division / division of services / planning and development / production / distribution / finance and accounts / international / computer / building and maintenance / administrative / academic and coordination.

Different branches and schools with different heads and teachers. They all have a PhD degree (Dr.). As every year, Indira Gandhi National Open University Date Sheet does not include any subject name. Why?. Why?. Because it is so big that IGNOU Courses List 2020 can not disclose by name.

Similarly, second TEE–Term-end tests were performed in June 2019 . In-depth information of that exam can be reviewed here at-> 2019: Result, Admission, Exam Form, Hall Ticket of IGNOU. Ignou Official Website––is the most important thing to remember here. However, there are also several subdomains or sub-websites. But that’s only for a few items it IGNOU shares. Likewise, student area[ Site], IGNOU

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