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IGNOU mcom IGNOU MCOM Distance Education: IGNOU provides a Master of Commerce program in its Management School (one of the world's most famous open learning business schools) as a distance education mode. The IGNOU M.COM is very common and challenging among those seeking higher education in the business and business sectors. Over a dozen (14) trade programs are offered to the IGNOU School of Management Studies. On the other hand, there are fewer than one dozen (11) management programs. With respect to the IGNOU MCOM Programme which offers a degree of specialization in International Business Operations. By this  Distance Education, M.COM IGNOU is committed to providing a realistic and sound knowledge of accounting principles and entrepreneurial skills to young students so that Mca Syllabus 2020


IGNOU MCA Syllabus 2020: IGNOU offers an MCA course through distance learning to many students all over the world. The minimum period for completion of the program is 3 years and the maximum term is 6 years. IGNOU MCA is twice a year and the fee for IGNOU MCA is 54,000/-. IGNOU has published in the official sites of IGNOU MCA Syllabus from 1 Semester through 6 Semester for each Semester. We will provide all the information you need about IGNOU MCA Syllabus in this article. Read more to learn. IGNOU Syllabus for MCA Programme The new IGNOU Syllabus MCA can be downloaded from the official website of IGNOU: Details  of IGNOU MCA PROGRAM The program is divided into 2 semi-annual periods (January-June and July-December). There